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Paramount’s newest supplier: NAOS Action Design

17 May 2024
Paramount’s newest supplier: NAOS Action Design

The art of know-how for over 40 years

Know-how is an art, something that is acquired over time. From the original industrial design project born from the idea of movement, Naos Action Design distinguished itself over the years in international markets for its high-quality production and constant research and innovation. This is the art of doing, the art of combining movement and emotion. Today, Paramount Home & Design brings this amazingly unique product to the Vancouver marketplace.

How was the Action Design project born?

In the mid-80s in Italy, design was in its full expansion. All around the globe, Italian design was recognized and imitated. In this context, Naos, with a group of designers, researched, realized, and proposed a collection of interior design with a common trait of movement. This is the origin of Naos.

“Mechanics of movement” define the unicity of Naos

Moving mechanisms are the source of invention that still today characterize the entire process of Naos. Those mechanisms allow a wide range of movements in the living space—not simply extending, but also shifting the tops in different directions, raising or dropping them, opening or closing them, and so forth. All of this with extremely simple gestures.

Hidden and exposed mechanisms

The originally hidden mechanisms, engraved in the structure in some recent products, are visually exposed to emphasize the value of a “domestic aesthetic machine”. Furthermore, Naos is the first in the world to produce and patent tables that are equipped with wireless remote controls, which allow the tables to open and close at the press of a button. One example is the Quasar dining table, which is featured prominently in Paramount’s showroom today.

Choose and combine materials: Stainless steel, ceramic, and glass

Naos encompasses a profound productive know-how, with cutting edge galvanization plants. Chromed metal and stainless steel are their favourite materials, usually paired with different shades of glass. But, of course, they love to combine it with other materials and work with different finishes—for example the lightness of aluminum, sometimes wood, and now especially ceramic. The extendable Coliseum ceramic dining table (see below) with its unique bases is a must see at your next visit to Paramount’s showroom.

Many coffee tables too!

Although they are very difficult to produce, Naos has many unique coffee tables which amaze with their simplicity of movement. To be able to connect a mixture of two, three or even four ceramic and glass tops with a fluid motion and a simple gesture is pure engineering. Paramount would be pleased to demonstrate My Flower, the Theta, Girotondo and Colombo coffee tables for you.

My Flower




Made in Italy

Naos’ dining and coffee tables belong in the contemporary furniture category, with a strong visual impact corresponding to a unique concept of interior design. Customers have asked if a German constructor was behind Naos’ machines. But, actually, everything is strictly and proudly Made in Italy.

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